Outline of the Tour at the Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute

Get inspired by the first outline of the tour at the SwissTPH (Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute) on Friday afternoon!

Maximum participants: 45 people

When     Who Where What
14.00 Christian Burri Lecture Room Introduction on Swiss TPH with a special focus on clinical trials in low resource countries
  3 rotating groups
14.45 Kate Molesworth/Leah Bohle Lecture Room  Group 1: Health implementation at Swiss TPH, health system strengthening Tanzania short video, Q&A follow-up
Pie Müller Mosquito  Lab  Group 2: Disease vectors – the mosquito breed at Swiss TPH
Sergio Wittlin Malaria Lab  Group 3: PPP / PDPs: how does Swiss TPH interact with drug makers within MMV, DNDi etc.
16.00 – 16.15 Lecture Room  Wrap-Up

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute


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