UAEM presents its new merchandise product!

Not only Radiohead realized that we should protect our planet by using less plastic bottles. SIGG, worldwide leader of high-quality, lightweight aluminium bottles, offered us a special price to produce a “UAEM-bottle”!!

You’re not convinced yet? See here.

PS: SIGG bottles have been determined by a Backpacker magazine to be the “world’s toughest water bottle” when they fired golf balls at the water bottles with a 100 pound cannon. The bottle with its internal liner and secure cap allow for carbonated beverages to be transported secure and freshly.


Until the conference there is a special promotion: You’ll get the bottle for 10 Euro (cash) at the conference!

A) You’ll come to the conference? Bring 10 Euro (cash – no online transfer possible) and you’ll get one directly and can use it during the conference.

B) You won’t come to the conference? NO PROBLEM: Talk to your friends/chapter members, who will attend the conference, give them 10 Euro and they can buy one for you, too. WE HAVE ENOUGH!

After the conference you’ll get the bottle for 13.40 Euro (net cost price)


_RAP5769 front_RAP5761 back_RAP5792 Bill the Pill presents: UAEM SIGG bottle_RAP5829Bill the Pill & UAEM SIGG bottle in front of a well-known multinational company.



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